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Realities of Industrial Sector in Jordan

Realities of Industrial Sector in Jordan


   In order to reach full potential for economic and social development, the Jordanian government has focused on developing the Industrial sector, it provides the majority of new jobs and produce much of the creativity and innovation that fuels economic progress.

   Jordan is very attractive for foreign investments.  Due to many reasons such as safety, political stability and its central location in the Middle East.

Industry in Jordan is divided into two main types:
1- Manufacturing (converting) sector: it includes Leather and footwear manufacturing, chemical industry, Plastic industry, IT industry, Furniture industry, Food industry, Packaging industry, Engineering products manufacturing sector,…etc. This industry contributes about 18% of Jordanian gross Domestic Product (GDP).
 2- Mining sector: and it contributes about 2% of Jordanian gross Domestic Product.

Main statistical figures about the Industrial sector in Jordan:
- The overall contribution of the Industrial sector in Jordan to the Gross Domestic Product for the year 2005 was about 17%.
- The value of the industrial exports for year 2005 was about (2379) million. And the industrial exports contribute about 93.5% of the national exports.
- The total number of Industrial establishments reached 21,000 companies, employing more than 173,000 worker. This number contributes about 48% of the total number of workers in Jordan.
- The Percentage of Small and Medium enterprises in Jordan contributes about 98.7% from the total industrial establishments. depending on the number of workers per establishment for the definition of Small and Medium enterprises.

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